Bob McTavish watches a surf movie: Byron Bay / 6, Jan, 2005
Simon Buttonshaw and George Greenough: Broken Head / 20, July, 2004
Freshly foiled fins: McTavish factory: Byron Bay: 10, March, 2005
Kelly Slater, Simon and Silas: Nth NSW / March, 2005
Wayne Lynch: Southern Victoria / June, 2004
Photo: Lisa Walker
Silas, Scott and Shawn Stussy
Montecito / March 2005
Max shoots Dick Brewer as he shapes a balsa tow in board for Laird Hamilton / Feb 2005
Interview with Geoff McCoy: Byron Bay / March 2005
Interview with Joe Larkin and Carl Tanner: Cabarita Beach NSW / February, 2005.
Max shoots toxic UV finihs coat process: DHD surfboards QLD / March 2005.
On lactaion in Sun Valley / Feb 2005