London catalogue "Surfers Live Forever": 8th July 2005
Choosing Boards for the exhibition: April 2nd 2005
An unpacked container of surfboards from Australia:
2nd July 2005
The Design Museum Tank / Shaping bay on the bank of the Thames:
July 2nd 2005
Hollow Boards and balsa fibreglass construction displayed above Corbusier's La Voiture Maximum: July 2nd 2005
Collection of wood boards from 1934-1956: July 2nd 2005
Design Museum Tank: Jult 2nd 2005
Mark Phipps surfboard in the Tank: July 2nd 2005
Toothpick surfboard in the Design Museum stairwell: July 2nd 2005
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The reason you won't see a lot of ads for sneakers or cars, or sporting goods plastered all over the surfboards