January, 2007
The Nickel Surfboard Project
Happy Ending works on a mirror-like nickel surfboard with Marc Newson, designed specifically for perilous tow-in surfing. The board was tested in Hawaii, Japan Tahiti and Chile and will occupy a position in the Happy Ending documentary Shapes of Things. It is currently part of Newson's exhibition of limited edition works at New York's Gagosian Gallery.

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Surfing Photos
Press The New Yorker
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Making of the nickel board (Quicktime Movie)

November, 2006
United Nations Lighting Project
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Japan joining the UN, Happy Ending produced a lighting design scheme to encourage Tokyo residents to give thoughts to Peace.

UN Newsletter
Yomiuri Shinbun
Photographs of the event
Previous Lighting Events

Autumn and Winter, 2006
Spectator Magazine
Kei Sato and Silas discuss the people, places and events encountered along the mad journey charting the history of the modern surfboard for the documentary "Shapes of Things". This article was published in the Autumn Winter issue of Spectator magazine.

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November, 2006
Peace Needs a New Logo
The "Peace Needs a New Logo" project is a concept in which both design and social business multiply each other’s effects. Happy Ending created the visual identity for this event including lighting design, posters, animated sequences and surf movies.

Event Poster
Animated sequences

November, 2006
Schooling Pad
Happy Ending presented several sessions at the nutty Schooling Pad since it started at the Ikejiri Institute of Design in 2005. These sessions are documented in a recently published book titled "Bintabon" which means "Slap" or something in Japanese

Happy Ending Schooling Pad session
Schooling Pad website

October, 2006
Tokion Magazine
Happy Ending creates an illustration for Tokion Magazine, attempting to communicate the bizarre marketing and branding bullshit that is routinely formulated within the tobacco industry.

Tokion Illustration
Tokion Profile by Jeff Headset

June, 2006
T-1 World Cup Japan
Happy Ending submitted this entry to Japan's T-1 World Cup, which is based on the only commissioned graphic ever designed to communicate with extraterrestrial beings.

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T-1 Intesteallar Greeting Card

September, 2005
Quiksilver Shapers
Happy Ending produced and directed this film for Quiksilver, which focuses on the most important aspect of the contemporary multimillion dollar surfing industry...the shapers.

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August, 2005
The Recharge Project
Recharge brings together 8 international artists and designers into a 90 minute documentary. Featuring Peter Saville, Devil Robots, Laurent Fetis and Thomas Marecki. Produced and Directed by Hybrid in association with Happy Ending

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July 2nd, 2005
Shape & Shapers Opens in London
Shape and Shapers: The Evolution of the Surfboard opened Saturday 2nd of July at the London Design Museum. As well as some of the most important and unusual innovations in surfboard design, the show also features the first shaping bay on the bank of the Thames.

Photos of the Show
Exhibition Media Release pdf
BBC World Article
La Republica Article pdf
London Mice

July 2nd - Oct 9th 2005
The London Design Museum
The Design Museum is to explore the Design history of the surfboard in Shape and Shapers - The Evolution of the Surfboard, an exhibition curated by Happy Ending to be presented from 2 July to 9 October 2005.

London Media Release
Summer Bulletin

March 18, 2005
The Evolution Project
The Evolution Project is a series of museum exhibitions* and a documentary film** that follows the development of the modern surfboard: from 16' toothpicks to 5'10" teardrops to the highly tuned wave shredding tools surfed today and beyond. The project also explores the effects and influence these developments had on the evolution of surfing from sport to cultural phenomenon.

Evolution Project Trailer Jan 2004
Evolution Graphics
Evolution Production shots

Nov 20th, 2004
Evolution Tokyo Exhibition
The Tokyo opening was quite an insane experience, hosting some 2,000 people at Spiral Hall. This was the first time such a comprehensive surfboard collection has been exhibited in a Japanese gallery. Details of the exhibition are provided on the following pages.

Tokyo Exhibition Flyer
Tokyo Exhibition Images

Nov 10th, 2004
Marc Newson KDDI Talby Project
Named after a character from John Carpenter's Sci Fi comedy Dark Star;'Talby' was born from a collaboration between product designer Marc Newson and AU. Happy Ending was commsioned to design Talby's graphics and user interface.

Interface Images
KDDI Website

October 2004
Marc Newson Documentary
Marc Newson is the subject of this film which presents a comprehensive retrospective of his career and his award-winning creative design. Ranging from his initial furniture and product designs through to the current aeronautical and interior design projects, the DVD is a complete compendium of his work and the ideas behind the work. Marcxs custom-built jet aeroplane Kelvin was recently the star of an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris and this DVD follows the entire story of Kelvin with exclusive interviews and footage of Kelvin in development.

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September 2004
Tokyo Designers Block '03
This film features the internationally renowned design event Tokyo Designers Block, which is held in Japan each autumn. The DVD presents a roundup of the top events of TDB 2003 and features interviews with designers and artists from around the world including Paul Smith, Droog, Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Jerszy Seymour and Marcel Wanders. As an overall review of contemporary design the TDB DVD looks at the latest movements in the areas of commercial, product, graphic and motion graphic design.

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